Pre-Sale Tickets are no longer available on-line…

Tickets Will Be Available at the Gate!

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  • THURSDAY EARLY CAMPING  –  Gates Open 3pm on Thursday  (Thursday Camping Fee $25)
  • FRIDAY PRE-PARTY  –  Admission at 12pm (Noon) on Friday  (Pre-Party Ticket is $30 Available at the Gate)
  • REGULAR (SAT-MON) CONCERT TICKET – Admission 9am Saturday (Tickets will be available at the Gate for $155)  
  • SUNDAY ONLY TICKET – Admission at 9am Sunday (Tickets available at the Gate for $75) 
  • Harmony Park Closes at 3pm on Monday


ADMISSION Please read the Admission Times above for each day.  That is when we begin accepting that day’s  ticket.  If you arrive early before Admission Time on any given day, you can come in (and will be asked to pay for the previous day’s ticket) or you can wait until Admissions reopens.
RE-ENTRY:  After you have been admitted and have your wristband, you are welcome to leave and re-enter the event at any time.


To preserve the vibe and intimacy of the event, we are only releasing 2500 tickets. Get ’em while they’re hot!

PAPERLESS TICKETS! – Here’s how it works:

  • No Tickets Will Be Mailed: All tickets ordered online will be picked up at “Ticket Will Call” at the gate when you arrive at the event.  (This saves on paper, wasted fuel, and shipping costs to you)
  • You Must Designate Who Will Pick Up Tickets: Only one person (if multiple tickets are ordered) may claim the tickets at Will Call.  This must be designated in the text box below.  This person will pick up ALL the tickets for the group.
  • For Groups Arriving Separately: Make sure that if your group is arriving separately, that the “designated ticket person” arrives FIRST.  Otherwise, you will have to wait for them to arrive to receive your tickets.  If the “designated ticket person” has arrived and is inside the festival, members of the group must contact them by cell phone to meet at the gate to receive their tickets.  The Front Gate Staff is not responsible for these tickets and cannot hold them at the gate.  Please make sure you have a plan and a cell phone.  (To avoid delays we do encourage buying tickets separately… there is no extra cost to you.)


  • All Sales Are Final. There are no refunds.
  • Children 12 and under are FREE.
  • Everyone (except children) will need to show a valid Driver’s License or ID to get into the event.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a “Legal Guardian” means a PARENT – not a sibling, uncle, or friend
  • There will be no entrance after 9pm on Sunday.
  • This is a Rain or Shine event
  • Gates Open 9am on Saturday for REGULAR Concert Tickets.
  • Gates Open 12 Noon on Friday for PRE-PARTY Concert Tickets.
  • All Local, State and Federal laws will apply.
  • There wil be a $5 parking fee per car.
  • By purchasing a ticket or attending this event I assume the risk and responsibility for any and all injury or damages I may sustain. Further I hereby release the Promoter and all affiliates and subcontractors of all laibility and further waive any claim for damagesI may have against the Promoter and all of its affliates and subcontractors of any damages I may sustain.  I am aware that I can be injured by many activities inherent in an outdor concert including but limited to acts of others and maintenance of the groundsamong others and this release is thereby given without limitation of any kind.